The Italian olive specialist.

The Italian olive specialist... From Italian olives trees.

Olive Italiane - Italina Olives

The domestic cultivars, the Nocellara del Belice, S.Agostino, Nocellara Etnea, Leccino, Cerignola, Taggiasca and Gaeta sono maturati solamente in acqua e sale. Solitamente le olive verdi vengono trattate con idrossido di sodio per accelerare il processo di maturazione e arrivare a un colore verde brillante. Are naturally aged according to tradition without using chemical additives, requiring at least 8 months exclusively with water and salt, preserving the taste and the color of the fruit much more than any industrial controlled process. Green olives, usually treated with Lye in order to speed up the maturation process and to brighten the color, are prepared by Ficacci Olive without it, conferring a darker color but safeguarding their amazing taste. Also our black olives do not receive treatment through Ferrous Gluconate, a typical chemical additive used to provide a uniform an intense dark color to Olives.